what you see here is an unusual view of the worlds largest train station (by floor area) shot by yours truly.

why am i on a locomotive you may ask and why am i looking at leipzig hauptbahnhof?


i am the the technician accompanying the engineer on the test drive of this locomotive and the reason why we’re doing this test drive is because it just got it’s first 8-year-overhaul. see, here in germany every locomotive needs to get a major overhaul every 8 years and i’m on a team doing these overhauls for this particular class of locomotives.


the class i’m talking about is DB class 261 (or as the manufacturer calls it: the Gravita 10BB). here’s a full view of the loco i took the above photo from:


the test drive i was on that day was also kinda different from the usual fare (just the loco from our workshop in halle to leipzig and back at full speed, 100 km/h) since we were hauling two other locos to the wheel lathe which is situated on the grounds of the ICE depot next to leipzig hauptbahnhof. what made this trip extra gruelling, was the fact that we could only run at 30 km/h because one of the locos (a much older model) had it’s coupling rods removed and was therefore only allowed to be hauled at that speed.

i quite enjoy these test drives because it means i have a few hours to relax after a stressfull few weeks of changing parts and testing stuff. it also is a good way to look through the eyes of your “customer”.