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Welcome the the Railyard, your community for all things train related! As with any community, we will need a set of rules and guidelines to keep this a pleasant place to be, so before posting please take a minute to review the criteria listed below.


1) Topics of discussion

This blog is for trains and the people that like them. The occasional off-topic post is fine but please keep in mind that there is likely a Kinja blog out there that is relevant to your non-rail interests and that that would be a more appropriate place to discuss them.


Articles and posts about ALL kinds of rail transport are encouraged. Steam, diesel, electric, trams, subways, monorails, maglevs, and even models! We’d love to hear about whatever kind of train you wanna talk about!


I can’t really think of any possible way that something could be train-related and Not Safe For Work, but in the event that it is please make sure that an NSFW warning is included in the title or intro paragraph and that the article is tagged with “NSFW”. Please also make sure that there is a safe “buffer” image at the top of the article so that NSFW pictures don’t show up on the front page.


3) Discourse

Now, differences of opinion are natural (and frankly quite unavoidable) but please keep things civil. Name calling and other purely antagonistic behavior will not be tolerated and may have adverse effects on your posting privelages.


Remember, an argument is your opportunity to convince someone else of your point of view, not a chance to degrade them and make yourself feel superior.

If you see or receive a comment you feel violates our rules, make use of Kinja’s comment flag feature to bring it to a mod’s attention. This blog is moderated in our spare time and we just can’t review every last comment on every last post no matter how much we want to. Proper use of comment flagging helps us out a great deal.


4) Theme days

Theme days, such as “Monorail Monday” and “Tram Tuesday” are fine as long as we’re not doing them every. single. day.


5) Sharing

Other Kinja sites (such as Jalopnik or LaLD) can be great sources of train posts or news and shared posts are welcome as long as they are rail-related.


Violators of the rules outlined above will receive a warning, and repeat offenders may face deletion of comments, posts, or revocation of authorship status depending on what I or any other Moderators I appoint see fit.


Any suggestions for additions or modifications to the rulebook are always welcome.

I am really excited that this blog is receiving such a warm welcome and I am hopeful that it will flourish into a strong, pleasant online community with as little moderation as possible.


Thank you for taking the time to read this and Happy Posting!


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