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What you see here are two of the four Siemens Vectron DE my employer Deutsche Bahn is renting to operate them in the general area of my workplace. The best part about this is the fact that I will be one of the lucky few who will support the Siemens technicians maintaining these beasts.


What is the Siemens Vectron DE you ask? Well, it’s the Diesel-Electric version of Siemens’ latest locomotive-family Vectron. It’s a modular concept that allows to build both electric and diesel powered locos on the same base. The electric version of the Vectron is a huge seller all across Europe (the Austrian railways just signed a contract to order 200 of them). The diesel version is far away from those numbers with only six built and one on order.

Illustration for article titled Going to lay my hands on these two soon!

Here are the technical specs for those interested:


Total length: 19980 mm

Total height: 4220 mm

Total width: 3020 mm

Distance between bogies: 9500 mm

Clearance profile: UIC 505-1

Axle characteristics

Wheel diameter new: 1100 mm

Wheel diameter worn: 1020 mm

Axle arrangement: Bo’Bo’

Track gauge: 1435 mm


Total weight (empty): 81-88 tonnes

Axle load: 20.25-22 tonnes

Traction performance

Top speed: 160 km/h

Starting tractive effort: 275 kN

Continuous tractive effort: ? kN

Braking effort: 150 kN

Propulsion characteristics

Fuel tank capacity: 4000 / 5000 L Diesel

engine manufacturer: MTU Diesel engine type 16V 4000 R84

Power rating: 2400 kW

Number of cylinders: 16

Number of traction motors: 4

Electrical transmission: AC

Emission standards

Noise: TSI CR Noise

Exhaust: EU 97/68 Stage IIIb

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